CNBC Clown Show: Cry Baby Leon Cooperman Hates Poor People

by Chadford Whitmore VI

In a fit of spittle flying rage, hedge fund billionaire Leon Cooperman made it clear today on CNBC that you don’t deserve to be anything except a poor stooge who licks his white velcro New Balance walking sneakers. This pie-faced, blubbering boob, who definitely smells like moth balls, claimed that the stock market is doing what it is doing because “people are sitting at home getting checks from the government.”

Listen, Leon. I like money as much as the next overweight, ugly, greasy comb-over billionaire. But are we really going start attacking poor people because one (LITERALLY ONE!!!) of your billionaire country club pals got no vaselined by a bunch of retail bros? I’ll be sure to pour out a little liquor in memory of your pal Gabriel Plotkin’s billionaire status as he scrapes by as only a 9 figure millionaire. Oh, the horror.

Poor people have been under attack since the beginning of human civilization by the 0.01% and this tub of goo has the audacity to say that the wealthiest people in America are the real victims here. Hello, McFly. Anybody home? No? Didn’t think so.

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